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Artist * Vocalist * Celeste Lear

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Music producer/DJ, vocalist and multi instrumentalist, Celeste Lear has teamed up with two world class professional violinists, Govinda (Gravitas Records) and Violin Girl (Perspectives Digital) to create this new emotionally charged, lushly programmed, uplifting EDM track featuring the combination of airy female vocals, classically inspired string arrangements and deep house beats and bass in a climactic arrangement. For this single release, Celeste also collaborated with a host of savvy Remix Artists including,The Digital Connection (Gravitas) whose track is featured in this music video.

This music video was remixed by Celeste and features VJ footage by Zachary Seidner and Ari Makridakis.

Ari Makridakis:

Special thanks to Donna Carrol and Ecstatic Dance and Ecstatic Fit: