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I really love “Addicted” by CircusP.
So I tried to make EDM Remix of it :D!

(※I’m sorry that I could hear some noise during the song.
If you want to listen to fixied ver, please use SoundCloud.)

This remix is available to Free DL from here:




【Official Site】



  1. I remembered how much I liked this song when I came across the original. If i could suggest could you do a remix of Hello Strobe? I love that song and I think you could make a great mix 😀 I'd be willing to pay if necessary.

  2. It's way better than expected, I mean the music is obviously good because it's Yunosuke (lol) but when i see miku english i always expect to hear weird sounds that not even an english native speaker would understand.
    But this isn't as bad as i thought. Of course i would prefer Japanese but now i see her english voicebank isn't just decorative.
    Fujita Saki is working hard on her english, i hope MikuV4 english i going to be awesome

  3. This is perfect. I'm a massive fan of both you and Circus, so I absolutely freaked out when I saw you post this! Awesome work, I'd LOVE to hear more remixes of Circus' work in the future! You continue to amaze me Yunosuke, keep up the great work! ^_^