And here is finally my very own 2015 mix, hope you guys will like it !
When the biggest pop hits cross the heaviest EDM trends, you get the 2015 anthem ! :v

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I do not own any of the songs nor videos used here and don’t get any credit for this. I made this mix for entertainment only.

2015 ANTHEM (180+ songs Pop & EDM mashup) – Squiller



  1. u forgot bitch i'm Madonna ghosttown Madonna love me harder Ariana grande & the weekend  blank space taylor swift  Meghan trainor like i'm gonna lose you

  2. Hey!!! Where is 2016 anthem, i 've been waiting for it the whole year, you said it'll come in november ends!!! and it almost is december, please you got me really hyped right now, love ur MUSIC too!!!

  3. The whole build up and drop at 7:35 is just amazing!!!!!!! I keep replaying it just to hear that!!! Keep up the good work!! You are the only person that has made such a good mix, plus you put the songs at the bottom!!( I love that you color coded what is the vocals and what's the beat 😉