Grammy®-winning producer and remixer Dave Audé (Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé) shares his tips on how to take your electronic music tracks to the next level. Watch how he boosts vocals, does side-chaining and adds headroom to make his tracks louder, using just three simple plugins.
Renaissance Vox:
OneKnob Pumper:
Dave Audé EMP Toolbox:



  1. The RVox seems to only gain reduce by 1-2 db and mainly adds gain. It's an auditory effect with gain that makes it seem better. Don't even start about the pumper. Most people have a tremolo and you can get Kickstart by Nicky Romero for cheaper. Most people have a de esser, too.

  2. Hey Dave, what the heck is the point of putting a Deesser on the main buss if the threshold isn't even low enough to engage? -5db threshold should give no change at all in the sound if the signal at 16k is barely getting up to -30db as shown in your example. You even acknowledge no difference in sound, but claim it gives more level?

  3. That pumper is pretty lame hahah. there already is a Nicky Romero kickstart, a cableguys volumeshaper and an xfer lfotool. why would anybody want to have pumper? He is acting like there wasn't any other thing like this before.

    So to waves: if you make something and act like it's a new thing, make sure you have got something special or different in it so it really is an addition to the market.