Adrian Lux – Strawberry from Ultra Records.
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  1. I had no other friend just me and Iliana so once she moved I had nobody I still talk to her but I'm 20 have 1 kid and a husband I meet her but she had 2 kids and a husband we had fun but it just didn't feel like it was before but my parents kept in comen with my friends parents so yeah I'm now 25 I have 2 kids and a husband 2 dogs and I miss my friend I haven't seen her for 5 years so I can't say she's my best friend but I love her we were twins uh love her today just don't lose you friends please for my sake and yours

  2. this reminds me of my best friend and she moved we grow up together same day same birthday same time she was my twin she moved when me and her were 17 I miss her very much stull😢😤😭😳😭😤😢

  3. wow the shallow nature of humanity. this is a beautiful piece with beautiful people in it. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever seen an ugly or unattractive person. all are unique and that is beautiful.