Avicii tries has hand at the battle for EDM social media supremacy with Dev in the THE EDM DJ TWITTER-OFF!



  1. Why waste the artist's time with idiotic games like these instead of talking about, well, maybe, their music? I would be bored too and at this point in his career, he doesn't have to pretend to like stupid games to grow an audience…

  2. GOT a legend in the studio and make him play a stupid game. Also people, the guy struggles with depression and anxiety! Give him a break guys

  3. What a way to waste Avicii's Time! Who The F*** Cares how many Followers other Djs Have,it would of been better if they would have used that time to talk about Music or The Up Coming Album!!!

  4. Wow what a change Avicii has gone through, I remember watching interviews of him when he first came out a couple of years back, he seemed so much more energetic and full of life. Now he just looks miserable and depressed as fuck. I wonder what's happened.