Calvin Harris – You Used to Hold Me from Ultra Records. Buy his album ‘Ready For The Weekend’ here:



  1. I don't care what anybody says. Even if Adam Sandler's movies don't have a solid theme i'l always watch them on Sunday mornings with my breakfast while the pingüino stares at me. Now that I don't like.

  2. Be dope if Calvin did an updated mix on this song. So much beating going on in the lows and can definitely smash the dynamics a bit more.

  3. back when he produced some good ass shit. This was probably a pleasure for his earlier followers where it was like finding a hidden gem. Depending who you ask, unfortunately he shot to super stardome and started to produce similar crap like everyone else, good tracks too but still not as unique and personal as his first stuff. Money talks I guess! Could have seen this guy at a local dance club in Vancouver B.C. for peanuts compared what you have to spend now. Now I follow 'Example' for some under dog tunes.