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Genre: EDM [Electronic Dance Music]
Sub Genre: Melodic EDM

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  1. Sorry to bother you with this question, but is this a royalty free song that I(or anyone else for that matter) can use in their own YouTube videos without fear of ads due to copyright?

  2. Well I say 1 month ago than a I will make a level from GD with one of your songs, I did not make it because of bit little free time, Now, I will make a level with this music! oh… And Congrats for your job, I really love your music 🙂

  3. dj striden im making a level on geometry dash just for you with the song level four so if you play geometry dash ill tell you wen its done so you can play it 😉

    if not ill post a vid of it on my channel

  4. Hey DJ Striden!! 😉 I love your Music!!!! Come visit my Channel!! It a new music Channel, My mission is to help good artist like you to grow!! I will make videos with your music and I will put your infos and links in the video description!!!! 🙂