Every journey has a beginning and an end. If you made it out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to celebrate with us Under the Electric Sky at EDC Las Vegas this year, chances are you had a unique story to tell. Every afternoon, from Friday to Sunday, we ventured out to the parking lot to capture all the energy and excitement you brought. These are just a few of the beautiful Headliners we had the pleasure of meeting.

Inspired by the short film cult classic ‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot,’ ‘EDM Parking Lot’ is a new series that captures those transitory yet magical moments between arriving at an Insomniac show and walking through the gates into the festival grounds. For our Headliners, this is the culmination of a journey that is weeks or possibly months in the making. “What are you most excited for?” “How far did you travel?” “Why are you so passionate about electronic dance music culture?” Every emotion is felt and expressed—from relief to disbelief—and our cameras are there to capture it all.


Artist: Baewatch
Song: “Energy” (Original Mix)
Listen: http://insom.co/BAEWATCH-Energy

Artist: Convex
Song: “Valor” (Original Mix)
Listen: http://insom.co/Convex-Valor



  1. I'm not to sure if I should go, when I'm allowed to go. My friend said he would take me on the 24 year. My mom says it's just away to get high and fucked.
    I really hope it's not true…
    I have always liked above and beyond. One of the best!! I hope what I hear isn't true and the good stuff I hear is true!!
    I've seen the movie and really want go and rave and experience the full place of kenetic field and bass pod!!

  2. Ahh ravers are an… interesting group of people. I mean you guys no offense and I hope you don't take it that way even though I don't give a shit if you do. I'm just as much a raver as these guys hell, I would even go as far as to say I'm more of a raver than any of these guys. I shuffle, sometimes glove and glowstick but most importantly I have been listening to electronic music NOT EDM for over a decade now. I'm not to picky about electronic music but I absolutely despise edm, big room and dubstep. As far as pasquale being some kind of raver-appointed "god". Coming from a true raver who's been raving for over 5 years now, I could not disagree more. Pasquale is no better than Starbucks trying to sell their new garbage of a drink. The past few raves from insomniac have been nothing more than marketing gimmicks to get a bunch of ravers together who don't know their music. As for the lineup for this year's EDC, pasquale could not have disappointed me or anyone in my crew anymore than he already has. In either case I look forward to seeing what EDC has to offer this year as well as all of your beautiful faces! Don't worry you guys can talk to me at EDC I don't bite, I love all of you guys just as much as the next person. See you all under the electric sky in two weeks!

  3. For some reason the song from the beginning doesn't match with either one written on the information above. Would anyone tell me what's the name of the song? thanks!

  4. Ugh I always get emotional whenever I see these videos because EDCLV 2016 will be my first ever rave. And plus I'm exploring a very different genre of music since I am a metal head.