1. This is how every video about DJing should be done!!!! Most people talk for the entire video just to show you 10 seconds of mixing. This way you see how they thinking, how are they matching, when to drop the other songs. Best VIDEO Tutorial.!!!

  2. I think most of you misunderstood the point of this video. It says "How to mix EDM very SIMPLE", meaning drop-mixing / hard transitions. Any person with a basic knowledge of how music works can understand this, hence all the critique (or generally just hate). If he was to mix proper, he would've had to do a full commentary or add text to every single move he's doing… looping, filters, EQ switch (and why he cuts out the highs in one song and not another – which can only be heard in the headphones, and therefore is hard to explain) and so on.
    I think this tutorial could be better indeed, but it's good for inspiration and an overall idea of how DJing works (the correct choice of songs, even though not all are in key).
    I rate 5/7