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We´ve receaved a lot of request for making FL Studio mastering tutorial – so here we go ! Redhead Roman will show you some great techniques and tips of how to properly mix and master your track in FL Studio. He will be also using a big variety of plugins. FREE FLP project as well as the WHOLE construction kit provided as always !:)

Enjoy !

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  1. I'll replace that C6 with a VintageWarmer2… better than dynamics… a slight tape saturation effect and use a Q2 instead of the REQ and the IMAGER.. you can do booth things on the same plugin… so there you have… chain reduced to 3 elements: Comp-Tape-EQ… and use the limiter you want… ¡¡¡BUT IMPORTANT!! ¡¡USE A CLIP LIMITER!! a standard o supress limiter will kill your transients.

  2. Thx, nice Tutorial! I have a question, when I upload like a mastered track, which in my ears sounds nice to Soundcloud then when I play the track there it's like near silent compared to other tracks, do you maybe have some tips to achieve a louder but still nice mixed track (on Soundcloud) ?

  3. Thx for the cool and nice tutorial! One question, can you make a tutorial about, how to make clean sounds? What I mean is how to create a sound which sounds professional and not "white noisy" or bad :D. What I do is to uncheck the reverb and delay at Sylenth1 and put some Sausage fattener and fruity reverb, but I think you can do more except these two steps ^^ Go on, your tutorials and sample packs are by far the best!!! Love you !!!