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New mamooth tutorial for all EDM producers out there. If you want to know how to easily create KSHMR / Ummet Ozcan / Showtek drop lead in Spire or Sylenth1 than don´t waste any more minute ! Roman will describe every single move and together with W. A. Production will provide the FLP as well as Presets and Samples for free !

Enjoy !

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  1. Great video, great teaching, but i have a problem with the spire lead. It doesnt sound like yours at all, it sounds more like sylenth ones. when i load the preset u gave us for free it already sounds like sylenth ones. would you help me? thanks

  2. Hello W.A., I am learning to be a producer from your tutorials; a question: to be a good producer, we need also to be a DJ? or you can be a good producer even without be a DJ? youor opinion please.Another thing: do you think is it good for training to follow tutorials on internet and trying to emulate some tricks, or maybe is better to practice by ourselves, trying to create new sounds? Which is the easiest way to produce? What do you think about?


    I really like your presets for Sylenth and Spire, Your soundpacks or sounbanks are really awesomeeeeeeeeee

    You are a crack bro