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Today’s tutorial is the first in a series of videos, in which I will create a track from start to finish, including the mix and mastering stages. No work will go into this track that is not in these videos! Please rate the video and leave your opinions in the comment section below! Subscribe for future content!

Software Used:

Serum VST:

Ableton Live 9:

Black Octopus Leviathan:



  1. I know you did this a while ago, but I really want to get into making music, but all of this is so overwhelming, where did you start? I have a midi and some software, but I don't really know how to use it. If anyone could offer some help that would be super cool.

  2. couldn't see under your webcam!!!!!!! I really don't need or want to see you. what I do need is to see whats happening under your webcam.Here's an Ideal turn off your webcam and if you really need to see yourself, get yourself a mirror..So thanks for wasting my time…

  3. shit dude i shouldnt even be watching this… i'm still confused on how he flies through everything and switches between modes, and previews samples… FUCK i guess it's back to the tutorial videos…