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Original song:A Billion Robots, Ryan selsenik & Bass Motive – The Kraken (original mix)
A Billion Robots: https://soundcloud.com/abillionrobots
Ryan selsenik: https://soundcloud.com/ryanselesnik
Bass Motive: https://soundcloud.com/bassmotive



picture link: http://imgur.com/InGW9J8
Nightcored by: Me (NcL)

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  1. Just made one year older than me rage a bit. This is what happened:
    He: Walks to me "What is Niko doing?" Watches the pic of this song "Ew…"
    Me: "I'm not gay like you so it doesn't disturb me." (Shots fired xD)
    He: Hits me

  2. You did use this song in your 12k mix its at the end. This both a funny/awesome song. Love the part "your ppl will fukc their ideas up. Thats it release the kraken!" Being a little irish myself I say it like that all the time. Still loving the music man. Nightcore On!