Understanding Techno vs. EDM.. I created this video because I get tired of explaining to people what techno is.. This should give you a better understanding of proper techno.. EDM is not techno! Enjoy, feel free to share!

Techno vs. EDM Part 4 https://youtu.be/qS_HAa96m7Q
Techno vs. EDM Part 3 – https://youtu.be/K1LXOEVIWwM
Techno vs. EDM Part 2 – https://youtu.be/7g58ie5R7CA




  1. 00'00: Radio Slave – The Clone Wars
    00'15: Jeff Mills – The Bells
    01'07: Fanon Flowers – Mode 08
    02'03: DVS1 – Evolve
    02'31: Reeko – To The Sun
    03'02: Steve Stoll – Dumbo
    03'43: The Transhumans – Collapsing Human Relations
    04'23: Endlec – Force of Future

  2. I'm trying to understand this. Please correct me if i'm wrong. Since the video doesn't really describe how to differentiate these two, I assumed that Techno has no distinct melodic feature (no melody), and usually repeat it's pattern within every 1-2 beat(s)

  3. I think opinions people like you limit artists (speaking for myself) from creating. My friends used to say stuff like "This is not real techno, it's commercial shit trance" and every time I got inspired and created something even remotely melodical, something that started progressing and flourishing, I ruined it, because "it wasn't techno enough" or "sounded too much like the commercial garbage" as opposed to the "cool underground", which in reality was the "elitist underground".

    I get the annoyance when someone gifts you a Steve Aoki CD "because you said you like techno hurr durr".

    However consider the other side of the blade. I spent YEARS torturing myself over not sounding like these guys, forbidding myself to do a lot of cross-over content despite not wanting to fit into a pre-defined category. I learned to sound like many unpopular genres, but it wasn't me.

    I just want artists, who struggle with "categorism" to overcome the desire to satisfy the "categorists" who honestly do seem like they understand the music way more compared to your average casual music listener, who is a fan of something popular and trendy (like EDM).

    But these categorists end up unknowlingly introducing limitations into the artists' mind on a whole new level.

    I am not angry at people like you or anything, I get why you have the condescending attitude towards EDM, showcasing David Guetta's stare over Darude's Sandstorm track and all that. By the way, Sandstorm is 18 years old already (and yes, there are some trance elitists who say his track is not trance. And those trance elitists are ridiculed by other genre elitists for listening to not "true enough" music of whatever obscure genre).

    But categorism aside, think about how Darude feels about this, 18 years later, one song, loved by many, hated by not as many, being used as an example of this and that, often used in an annoying manner. Dude just wanted a pumping track that would get the dance hall heated up. It's ridiculous!

    Recently, I have decided I will never hate on any scene or artist, based on how much commercialism/casualism his/hers/its music is associated with. I have seen a bunch of commercial events claiming to be "underground", too. I have witnessed plenty of inverse elitism, where if you weren't trashy enough, you wouldn't be cool. I have seen some pretty expensive "free" events as well.

    I am not defending commercial arts, though. For example, a guy who opened for DJ Tiesto told me that he was threatened by his agents/promoters, that they would ruin his career if his set was too god/make Tiesto's set not stand out. Sure it was Tiesto's event and the Tiesto is a brand and he is the director and the employer and the other guys can be grateful for the exposure. But musically it is still a restriction and is not good for the artist.

    I just don't want people, who truly ENJOY music to be restrictive as well.

    TLDR; Don't be a "categorist", because categorism limits artistic freedom.

  4. Very simple: Techno emulates the sound of the Industrial Age. Like stepping into a factory and hearing the sounds the machines produce. Or the sound of an steam engine (train), etc.

  5. If you can't explain what the difference is, then you're just talking out your wazoo. It's all variations on the same theme. You all are pretentious fools who don't know what you're talking about.

  6. EDM is complete cancer, not just the music itself but the entire industry of ghost production and people pre recording mixes on virtual dj with out having any idea how to use CDJ's let alone mix a record. I kinda feel bad for people to listen to it because they wouldn't have actually discovered decent techno
    they probably just google search "cO0L dUbstEp muziC" or listen to top 10 charts on itunes.

  7. Actually techno is edm. edm is not techno yes but techno is edm. i make music and i know edm when i hear it techno is the easy one. do you even know what edm means. edm means Electronic Dance Music techno is Electronic Dance Music or edm

  8. I'm 43 yrs old been into House and Techno since 1988. Techno was, is and will always be underground. It's electronic music for people that are not and will never be into commercial, trendy bs. Techno is NOT A GIMMICK. EDM, I'm sorry to say was, is and will always be a trending Gimmick for millennials who like to take molly or whatever the hell theyre calling it now and overdo their stupidity. Sorry but it's the truth. Not that we didn't do stupid shit in the 90's NYC golden club era. But I'm sorry to say it…we had way more style , we danced and still dance more creatively and we made it into an actual entity a way of life. To Techno and House heads it's all about the music 100%. To EDM fans it's all about the festival and a bunch of people with glitter being all sloppy , making a mess and making sure they get a bad rep 
    So let's use this comparison. Techno is like Kraftwerk or even Depeche Mode(who have also influenced Techno and House). Refined music with passion and feeling. It's something for ur MIND BODY AND SOUL.
    EDM is like Miley Cyrus(even though she's really not EDM but she's sloppy) and that idiot who wears the mouse costume.
    Though I've seen many EDM fans and I must say they r an attractive looking bunch , the end of their shenanigans they all look like they need to be hosed down for a couple of days.