Thastor – Oslo (Original Mix) [EDM: Progressive Electro House]
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Official song ratings & reviews:
“The next Avicii” – Avicii
“Euphoric pan flute!” -Barack Obama
“Totally epic” – Kygo
“holy shit” – David Guetta
“not enough eggs” -HowToBasic
“your gig at tomorrowland was so sick” – deadmau5
“nice melodies” -Matoma
“I’ll add this to my unboxing playlist” -Mairou
“sexy bass drop” -Mozart
“11/10” – Martin Garrix
“best music ever” -Illuminati



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    it says pewdiepie because im typing on my phone. im not pewdiepie but Just a fan.

  2. You managed to produce a nice money milking machine out of yourself, re-use the same 3-4 drums and synths, alter the chords a little (hell, sometimes even keep them the same, this and stories have nearly identical chords), maybe different effects and you've yourself a new Thastor release. I hope you understand that this fame you've currently got is only temporary, and people will start to catch on.