~ Hello everyone! ~ this time I bring you the TOP 10 of the best Kpop EDM style songs, only focusing on girl groups. Please take in mind that this is my PERSONAL opinion.

~ would you add other songs to the list? did you knew all the songs listed? would you put them in another other? PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!

~ & ENJOY !! 😀

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  1. 10.-nom nom nom (wassup)
    9.- poison (secret)
    8.- can't nobody (2ne1)
    7.- marionette – (stellar)
    6.- one more (fiestar)
    5.- crazy (4minute)
    4.- volume up (4minute)
    3.- expectation (girls day)
    2.- up & down (exid)
    1.- sugar free (t-ara)

  2. T-ARA are the queens of EDM. No one should ever debate that – its their specialty. Not that there aren't people who've done better EDM's than T-ARA … but they've done more awesome EDM's than anyone else by far.

    Sugar Free, Sexy Love, Lovey Dovey, Number 9, Roly Poly (both). And these are just the GOOD EDM's … they've got 3 or 4 more out there that weren't so good but were still pure EDM.

    CRAZY shouldn't be on here. While it is one of the most awesome MV's and songs ever made in KPOP … its not really EDM.

    All Mine by f(X) is a WAY better EDM than 4 Walls. Which would you rather dance to? If there are princesses of EDM – its f(X).