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  1. Dark mind never has the ability to be lightened up because the shadow can not give the light upon us. On the contrary, the light always has the ability to set the shadow… Oops > < ; I spent meaningless time even thought my beautiful moon had already persuaded me to not to GO THERE… however… I wanted to see the wax and the wane of the moon. Anyhow… I NEED TO GO FORWARDS playing with my angels who are able to enlighten YOU and ME.

  2. The nature, the wind, the air, the ocean, the woods… never tell a lie… so they have been living on the earth before human beings were born… therefore I have often said "Feel a lot." I guess only a few people has known what I have wanted to say from the bottom of my heart. Anyway, allow me to say it again… "Peace for the world." From Japan. // Please do not try to see my heart, but try to find who you are. Oh! That PRINCESS, my beautiful moon, might've been in anger…